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Little About Me :)

Empathic Intuitive Elder, Relationship Coach, Guide, Mentor & Mediator 

I have always had a "knowing" of how people feel and could read their energy. Of course, I never knew I had Intuitive sensitive "abilities" when I was young, I was just a very sensitive child and very shy, the only child of 4 that was always alone readings a book. I could relate to people on a personal level throughout my life and I was always the person people came to for help to resolve their problems. Even my parents, hence why I grew up so fast and missed out on a steady playful childhood.  I had to fit into the status quo, have the government job, be someone to be proud of within my family. I always felt like in order to be loved I had to fit into this box with many restrictions and outside influences.  With self help and breaking out of the mold of my other siblings I am much healthier and happier. I owned my abilities which wasn't easy because for a long time I couldn't explain it. LOL now I can with clarity. I feel like I have illuminated my true authentic self. and healed from my past experiences.  With these sensitivities comes great responsibility. I have learned that I am Clairaudient,  Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairgustant, Clairaliant, Clairsentient, and Empathetic.  I do have prothetic visions and I have tried remote viewing but don't see much regard for it's purpose in my life. Does this mean I live differently? Yes indeed, I need to have a lot of nature time  to ground and connect to daily.  I enjoy talking with nature and feeling it's energy surround me.  Great wisdom comes from the ancient lands where I live. I feared these energies for many years because I wasn't privy to a teacher of such practices as well my religious background went against what I knew to be tribe which was deeply conflicting. After being in the church for 6 months I was asked to be an Elder at the young age of 35 years;  but I declined due to the shock of it all.  Other's saw in me what I couldn't or didn't want to see.  I am a realist and I needed to see it before I believed it. Therefore, they knew what I needed to believe and it was then I needed time to learn about many things; sacred geometry, ancient history, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, theology, philosophy, geomancy, dowsing, quantum healing, psychology, counselling practices, ufology, megalithic studies, earth sciences, the secret earth school mysteries, archeology, neurology, and much more. I was thirsty for knowledge. I still have 6 books on my night stand learning constantly about the sciences of what makes the  Earth work and how it relates to us humans and nature. With mentoring I am now able to put these "Clairs" to practical use in order to assist other's to find their own truth and grow in knowledge. Through a process of  making the unconscious, conscious the client and I can shift energy stored in the body and relieve the energetic system.  Energy leaves a signature stamp in the body, it's removed by giving it voice.  I have the ability now through disciplined practice to shift energetic generational bonds, which may go back many generations.  Many  life obstacles that impede progress in life,  especially in relationships can be alleviated when it becomes conscious reflection.  Allowing the space for it's expansion takes time; however, removes the veil showing truth and clarity of the self. 

Truth and integrity compels me forward, conducting  myself with the upmost pledge to be grateful and always in reverence in approach to other's concerns/problems in life.  Guiding other's to find their way in the thick forest of noise which saturates us today is very empowering.  I hold deep adoration to the creator energies and delight in it's everchanging  flow. Being not fixed on theory nor belief allows me space to be flexible in my daily life and utilize the flow with good intentions.  I only work with the clients energetic signatures, I have disciplined myself to become neutral in session, creating the space for the energy to rise. Sometimes I have to speak from other's unconscious to unpin the egoic energy and/or archetypal energy  due to emotional overwhelm. Once this voice is heard the energy collapses, allowing for the energetic bodily system to unblock, just like breaking through the wall of a fortress, it is always very freeing.  I have been conducting professional intuitive readings for 9  years, I have worked with mental health and addictions,  life skills facilitator, child and family services, developer for parental actions plans for reintegration for children into the home,  youth corrections, tourism project trainer, advocate for non-profits, worked with the homeless, for Indigenous Communities, for Disadvantaged Children, seniors at risk of violence and abuse,  supportive in home services for the disabled,  government project coordinator, service Canada support worker,  census representative, retail manager, employment services coordinator and employment practitioner,  project proposal writer, event planner, business owner, department manager, supervisor in hospitality services, evaluator for hospitality services, and so on. I have had the pleasure of assisting over 1000 clients in my career, and still today I often think about them. The pleasure I get sharing my intuitive skills  with other's is immeasurable and I hold a deep gratitude for my personal journey in life, which at times have been very difficult with many valleys and many times I have seen the sights from the top of the hill. The journey to finding my authentic self takes time as I know, so patience and understanding is very important.  I have a deep connection to nature and feel at home there. I am an environmentalist and  always a student. I am based in Eastern Canada and I will allow for international time zone readings as well. I speak English but I have done readings through an interpreter if you have someone that can interpret English for you.  Blessings to you and welcome. Thank you for being here. As always life can be joyous when you have clarity, not goals. 

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