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Great Place To Start 

So Many Questions, Life Challenges, Uncertainty, Where Do You Start? 

Answer this 1 question  

What do u want in life? 

You are the hermit in the cabin, thinking of this 1 question... journal it do you know? Do you really know or just following the masses? Take your time, there is plenty of supplies at the cabin.  Take a walk .. find who you are. If frustration comes and tears come and you need help submit the contact form below or in the menu on top,  and let's take it from there, let's go on that journey of exploration. It may be very exciting :

Wooden Cabin

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The underlying unconsciousness of Energy that has built up over the years will continue to do so until it's given a voice. You will be in a constant cycle of same actions, reactions, and emotions until one day you get so frustrated with yourself and your life you have no choice but to look within.  Getting to the hidden story of this is where I come in and can feel, see  the underlying root, the confusion of the ego and the soul, I will then work to pass it through the system. Somethings take longer some can happen in minutes and the client leaves feeling lighter. 

I was very skeptical about what Tara had to offer but I felt pulled to meet with her as my friend had recommended her to me. Tara will give you honesty with a humble empathetic approach. I was shocked about what she knew about me by reading the energy around me.  She knew me better than I knew myself. there were things hidden I never knew where fueling my life, she pinpointed the areas I needed to start to work on and now I have much more clarity in life than I ever had before.  I see possibilities now where I thought I was stuck in life. I will definitely go back and see her again.  Her abilities in seeing beyond the conscious level were remarkable.  I felt like I met an friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. She certainly allowed me to feel ok in my feelings and emotions and her humble approach was very nice because as a guy it's not easy opening up to strangers. 

Derek Brown 

What can I say? Tara  has helped me to see in life where I have been projecting my own stories onto other's and situations which have kept me numb in life and unable to go for what I want. I never knew what brought me joy until the question was asked and I had time to think about it. My joy was helping other's and that's that. After our meeting I realized I was cheating myself out of my own life as the advocate for everyone else but me. I never saw how my life could be different and the generational programming that was the fuel behind my decisions. Now I work on it each day and it has opened up myself to be more expressive and genuine. Tara's abilities to transform lives are wonderful. I highly recommend a session with her. 


I was at a stage in my life where depression had taken over my life and I couldn't figure out how to come out of it. Tara knew I was struggling and just said I will do the work here and you relax. Tears came as Tara is very quiet when she focus in seeing deeply into the areas I didn't know was hiding which was preventing me from moving forward in life. She quickly saw that I was drowning in grief which I hadn't really acknowledged and my ideas around grief were patterned in my family which couldn't show emotions. I was feelings guilty about my grief so I could really complete the grief stages. Tara actually brought through my loved one which passed and I was able to talk to her. I came out of an 2 hour session feeling so less burdened and free of a heaviness. I am so grateful to Tara for her abilities to really see what I couldn't and she felt what I was feeling and could really treat me with empathy and she gave me a different way of seeing ideas of feelings and how to be aware and honest with myself. She is so kind and has so much passion for what she's able to do and  it shines through in her work and love for people to empower people. I hesitate to say but yes my life did change that night and my head and chest feels so much lighter now. I am happier and can relax more than I had in a very long time.  

Donna P 

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Visit My Youtube Channel:  Earth Is A School and watch my interview with a client Nancy. We discuss her process through a year of coaching and support services. 
If you are NOT the Captain of your ship than who is?? Let's ask the Subconscious .. I bet we will find all the answers there :) 
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