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My Personal Journey to Find Me 

Coming from my professional background in Community Development,  Career Practitioner, Program Coordinator, Retail Manager, Hotel Supervisor, Hospitality Evaluator, Youth Worker, Child and Family Services Worker, and Life Skills Coach I was always intrigued with my own personal development.  I have always had the philosophy of mind; that if I was to be Empathetic to my work and expect my clients to change then I should put that into practise in my own world and really feel how difficult that is to see to fruition. I did and I have great Empathy for the work involved and the support needed to create that inner change.  However, you have the advantage because I cannot see into my unconscious levels like I can for you. Therefore, your inner work is much more quick and illuminated, providing a fast track to giving you the freedom from your inner self doubts and making situational problems less challenging.  I have spent the last 20 years doing great inner work and the last 6 months of intensive  mentoring to my sensitive abilities with a fabulous Intuitive Sensitive Coach  that has accessed my unconcsious world and I have seen  huge results in a very short time. This new "Age" is a time of realization and awareness for each person and each one of us will feel this shift differently. Many people will feel and unease and a time of reflection to bring about change, this can be very uncomfortable for us all; however, you can have the advantage with my services to aid you in shifting the unconscious ego's traps and come to more of a balance if you are willing to put in the daily awareness, that's it.  I work with your energies and asist you to move the energy which is  impeding your growth and needing to change so you can bring focus and calmness into your life. I have dealt with many generational programming issues which have stopped me from moving forward. I have done the work involved with my inner child and getting my needs met. I have set healthy boundaries and I am now attracting great relationships and for the first time in 50 years I am finding peace. From hypervegilence, co-dependency in relationships  and dealing with PTSD to taking ownership and responsibility of my life. Now after studying this process I am offering the same transformation to you at a cost that is well below that I paid to get the same results. The unconscious is 95% of that which fuels your daily decisions and the way in which you see the world. As an Intuitive Sensitive my life before I realized my Clairvoyant abilities and mirror sensitivites it was very difficult not knowing what to do with what I "know" I have a knowing ability and of course it's not something you train to do. What you train to do is search out people like myself to answer questions about what this is all about. The search becomes a life quest to figure out why me? Why can I do this and not other's. That lead me to many groups that could explain what it's all about and where I started with my mentor in the UK which is a sensitive as well. My unconscious had a lot to say that I could'nt access but I could in other's. This then lead me to finding out the areas of unconscious that I needed to shift in order to do my work with a neutral basis unincombered by my own pain. This is the area which I can access (the 95% unconscious) and help you to reach your own inner peace and balance. My work is based on Carl Jung's Archetypes and utilizing these archetypes to see their interactions.   I truly believe in a holistic approach to client management of their lives. I have worked with over 1000 clients in my life, through professional work and through conducting readings. The conversations always come back to what is it that you want out of life.  And that's the start.  I humbly request that you complete the contact form and let me know in the subject line what services you are requesting. Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting with you soon.  My hours can vary from the posted schedule to allow for international time zones and availability.

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